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53074761_sScam artists have been preying on our clients and have been trying their fraud schemes on us.  Scammers use phone calls, emails and letters trying to get your money and personal information.  Some scammers pretend to be a relative or friend in desperate need of money while traveling outside the U.S.  Other scammers offer you a irresistible deal – you’ve won a prize or inherited some money, and you can collect it but only after you send a “small” fee.  Still other scammers claim to be the IRS and threaten jail or huge tax fines, or bait you with an unexpected refund.  If you have a tax problem, the IRS will first send you a letter or tax bill by mail; the IRS never contacts you by phone or email.  Most scammers claim you must act immediately, often by sending money, and tell you not to tell anyone else.  If scammers make you feel afraid or pressured, they know you’re less likely to see through their scams.

Here are some tips  to protect yourself:

·       DON’T give out your social security number or birth date to anyone you don’t know
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money.jpgRecently, a very smart client of mine received a letter in the mail that informed her that she’d won hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lottery that she’d not actually entered. The letter came with a very official looking check for several thousand dollars, drawn on a well-known bank’s letterhead.

The letter told her that it was the “FINAL NOTICE OF PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS.”

The letter informed her that all she needed to do was cash the check, to help her “take care of insurance, security coverage, and attorney’s fees.” Then, because she was such a special winner, someone would actually deliver the balance of her winnings to her very door.